Top 5 Best Shock Collars For Aggressive Dog

Aggressive dogs need training more than other dogs. If you have an aggressive dog, you should use a shock collar. An E collar will train your dog without hurting it. 

The best shock collars for aggressive dog will work on your dog safely and successfully without injuring him. Dog owners should also use training collars appropriately if they intend to get the most out of it.

This article explains the kinds of shock collar training and the best type of shock collar for your dog.

So, Let’s explore it;

Different Kinds of Shock Collars

The following are some basic kinds of dog collars for aggressive dogs:

1. Remote Training Collar 

These collars are helpful for dogs with aggression problems. You can teach your canine to respect you, obey commands, and become a better pet. These collars can help you if your dog has attacked someone.

It’s important to use the correct kind of shock collar. For example, some collars are for large dogs, while others are for small dogs. The size of your dog will determine the size of the collar. It’s important to use the right size collar for your dog.

2. Electronic Training Collar 

It works just like a remote training collar. The difference is that you don’t have to carry around a remote control. This type of collar has a radio transmitter, which is used to send the signal. The signal is sent to a receiver attached to your dog’s collar.

Once the signal is received, it is sent to a shock unit. This unit sends an electric current to your dog’s body to punish him. You should use an electronic training collar if your dog has bitten someone.

3. Bark Control Collars

Bark control collars are designed to stop dogs from barking. When the dog barks, they operate by shocking his body with electricity. This type of collar will make your dog understand that barking is not a good habit.

4. Vibrating Collars

Vibrating collars are useful for controlling barking, digging, jumping, and other undesirable behaviors. These collars work by sending a vibration to your dog’s body. This causes him to stop doing bad behavior. The vibration warns your dog that he has done something wrong. 

Best Shock Collar For Aggressive Dog

The best shock collars for aggressive dogs can deliver a sufficient amount of pain to stop your dog from engaging in unwanted behaviors. These collars deliver a mild electrical shock when the animal barks or chews excessively. These collars come in different sizes.

These collars are very useful for training dogs. They are safe for both the dog and its owner. The main advantage of these collars is that they allow you to train your dog without causing him any physical harm.  

The following are some best shock collars for aggressive dogs:

ImageProduct DetailsPrice

SportDog Remote Control Dog Training Collar

  • Material: Plastic
  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Range: 500 Yard
Check Price

Pet Safe Wireless Dog Training Collar

  • Material: Polyester
  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Range: 3/4 Acre
Check Price

Pet Safe Remote Training Collar

  • Material: Polyester
  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Range: 900 Yard
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SportDog Rechargeable Dog Training Collar

  • Material: Plastic
  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Range: 1/2 Mile
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Garmin Sport Pro Bundle Dog Training Collar

  • Material: Nylon
  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Range: 3/4 Mile
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1. Sport DOG Remote Control Dog Training Collar

Top Pick
1. SpoDOG Remote Control Dog Training Collar


  • Type: ShocK
  • 21 Levels Stimulation
  • 70 Hours Battery Life
  • For dogs 8 pounds or larger with neck sizes 5″ – 22″

The Sport DOG Remote Control Dog Training System is great for owners with multiple and stubborn dogs. This E collar has a 500-yard range with 16 levels of adjustable stimulation to choose from. 

This Training System is great for stubborn dogs that do not respond to lower levels of static stimulation. Your stubborn dogs will comply with your instructions due to the ability to train up to 3 dogs using a single remote and extra collar (SDR-AXS). 

This remote training system allows you to control your dog under difficult circumstances, such as high grass or thick brush. The collar is equipped with a backlit LCD screen that is easy to read and understand. 

It is also customizable and provides a humane way to train your dog. This training system is ideal for dogs 8 pounds or larger with neck sizes 5″ – 22″.

It is a rechargeable, water-resistant system that allows you to expand your training with accessories and add-ons like the Hidden Fence and smart collars. The transmitter is ideal for dogs weighing 40-110 lbs and having a neck size of 8 inches or less.

This E collar provides 21 levels of static stimulation and three training modes (beep, vibration, and shock) that can help you to control your dog during hunting season, in new environments, and for other various tasks.


  • Waterproof.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Higher ranges of stem.


  • Expensive.

Our Verdict

These collars are designed for high-drive/stubborn dogs who do not respond to lower levels of static stimulation up to 3 dogs with the same remote. The dogs with 8 pounds or larger weight with neck sizes 5″ – 22 are very easy to train with this training collar. The Lithium-ion batteries charge in 2 hours and last 50 – 70 hours per charge so that you can take it anywhere. It’s no look operation and 12 levels of static stimulation also provides you much control over your dog’s response.

2. Pet Safe Wireless Dog Training Collar

Best Seller
Pet Safe Wireless Dog Training Collar


  • Type: ShocK
  • 05 Levels Correction
  • Battery Life: Up to 2 months
  • For dogs 5 pounds or larger with neck sizes 6″ – 28″

The Pet Safe Wireless System is the ideal solution to keep your pets out of unwanted parts of your home and yards. This system allows you to select the coverage area and the correction your pet will receive when they approach the boundaries. 

The receiver collar is completely waterproof and can be worn outside in the rain. This pet-safe wireless dog fence system uses radio signals to create a boundary that pets can’t cross while you’re away. It is water-resistant and has a moisture removal system to ensure comfort and safety.

The rechargeable receiver collar charges rapidly in only two to three hours; depending on usage, each charge can last up to three weeks. It is compatible with all Pet Safe wireless fence transmitters to keep your friends safe in your yard.

It allows you to use any non-metallic, 3/4-in collar strap. You may teach many pets with a single remote transmitter thanks to the receiver collar’s adaptable design, which gives you a variety of strap alternatives that are compatible with other remote trainers made by the Pet Safe brand.

With the help of the receiver collar, you can take control of your pet’s Stubborn Dog Fence and move freely in your yard and neighborhood without fear of your pet escaping the yard.


  • Waterproof receiver collar: 
  • 5 levels of correction.
  • Compatible with all wireless fences.
  • Customizable collar strap.
  • Easy to use.


  • Limited range and pricy.

Our Verdict

The Pet Safe Stubborn Dog Wireless Pet Fence Receiver Collar is one of the most reliable electric dog fences for indoor and outdoor use. Its adjustable correction levels provide the perfect level of stimulation for your pet’s individual needs, while its Tone-Only mode teaches new tricks in a fun way.

The collar is compatible with all Pet Safe Wireless Fence transmitters, so you can keep all your buddy’s safe in your yard! And moreover, it comes with unlimited number of collars that can be added to the system for more coverage. This makes them an ideal choice for all pet lovers out there!

3. Pet Safe Remote Training Collar

Best Overall
Pet Safe Remote Training Collar


  • Type: ShocK
  • 15 Levels Stimulation
  • 40 Hours Battery Life
  • For dogs 8 pounds or larger with neck sizes 6″ – 23″

The Pet Safe Remote Training Collar is an easy-to-use, reliable remote training system that helps you communicate effectively with your dog while keeping you in complete control.

Whether you’re training your dog to come, sit, stay, or heel, the system’s Safe & Sound design keeps you and your dog safe, while the collar’s built-in safety features give you peace of mind. You may also use a single remote to manage up to 3 dogs due to the system’s expandability.

The collar’s progressive tone and vibration mode help guide your dog to the right behavior, while a positive or negative tone lets your dog know whether a behavior is right or wrong that keep training effective. The receiver collar’s comfort-fit design and rechargeable battery provide up to 40 continuous hours of training.

This Remote Collar has four levels of static stimulation safe, effective and humane. This dog training collar features a lightweight digital remote with convenience features, including remote light, tone, and vibration function. The remote is waterproof and has two separate buttons for tone and stimulation.

You do not have to spend much money to buy a collar that will fit your pet because the collar is adjustable. The Pet Safe dog training collar helps you keep your pet under control and train them to do things you want them to do.

The Pet Safe dog training collar is a safe and effective way to train your pet by correcting unwanted behaviors such as barking, biting, digging, and chasing.


  • Best for off-leash training.
  • 3 Types of correction.
  • Digital remote.
  • US based customer care.


  • It should not use on dogs weighing less than 40 pounds or less than six months old.

Our Verdict

With the Pet Safe Remote Training Collar, you can safely train and correct your pup’s unwanted behaviors off-leash. The system expands for use with two dogs with the purchase of an extra collar, so it’s perfect for training in pairs or groups. This lightweight digital remote is waterproof, has two buttons for tone and stimulation, and works within a 900-yard range, so it’s great for outdoor adventures like walking, running, or hiking.

4. Sport DOG Rechargeable Dog Training Collar

Sport DOG Rechargeable Dog Training Collar


  • Type: ShocK
  • 21 Levels Stimulation
  • 70 Hours Battery Life
  • For dogs 8 pounds or larger with neck sizes 5″ – 22″

This e-collar is designed to accommodate your dog’s training program and can support training up to three dogs with the same remote with the purchase of additional collars. This remote training collar is designed with low and medium-level stimulation as well as vibration and tone modes.

This collar is waterproof and works with dogs that are greater than 8 pounds or larger with neck sizes of 5 inches to 22 inches. It can access the remote training range of half a mile with an ergonomic handheld transmitter. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery will provide up to 50-70 training hours.

The Rechargeable e-Collar is designed for ease-of-use and no-look operation while offering more stimulation levels, allowing for more customized training. This half-mile range e-Collar has been tested and proven to reduce training time and increase efficiency compared to traditional dog training collars.

This system features a front-facing LCD, a collapsible design, and an ergonomic, water-resistant remote control, making it perfect for all types of dogs, from stubborn pets to working dogs. The Rechargeable e-Collar is also waterproof so that you can train in any environment, rain or shine.


  • Waterproof.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Easy to use.


  • It has only 14 shock levels.

Our Verdict

Sport DOG Brand Sport Hunter is a half-mile range e-collar that can support training up to 3 dogs with the same remote. It has 21 levels of static stimulation, making it a perfect choice for training your pet. Plus, the collar is designed for ease of use and no-look operation, so you can be 100% confident that your puppy will receive accurate corrections when they misbehave. The Sport DOG Rechargeable System is versatile enough to provide a quality, non-stop training experience for you and your dog.

5. Garmin Sport Pro Bundle Dog Training Collar

Garmin Sport Pro Bundle Dog Training Collar


  • Type: ShocK
  • 10 Levels Stimulation
  • 3 Dog Selection Switch
  • 4 Training Buttons

The Garmin Sport PRO Bundle with Dog Training Collar and Handheld is a lightweight and easy-to-use system that helps you train your dog with up to ten stimulation levels and a vibration/ tone button.

The quick-turn dial on the handheld has positive clicks when changing between the ten stimulation levels and controlling auxiliary functions. The system offers ten continuous and momentary spray stimulation levels and vibration and tone settings.

You can use the tone and vibration setting to train up to three dogs, which you can keep track of with the built-in LED beacon lights. You can also set the levels and increase it as needed, adjusting the correction to the optimum level to stop each dog’s unwanted barking.

The rechargeable collar comes with a range of up to 1,000 yards and features a one-hour rapid charge that can deliver up to 24 hours of continuous use. The collar offers a rugged, weather-resistant design that matches the elements. The handheld training device features a simple-to-use interface and a rubber grip for added comfort. 


  • Quick turn the dial.
  • Four training buttons.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Ten levels of continuous and momentary stimulation.
  • Lightweight.


  • Expensive.

Our Verdict

The Garmin Sport PRO is a great tool to teach your dog tricks and commands. Its easy-to-use dial control makes it very user-friendly. The device’s sporty look adds to this training collar’s charm. The handheld controller can adjust its vibration, tone, and speed levels. This makes it versatile enough for different types of dogs, from oldies to youngsters. And make sure to take advantage of its 100 yards visibility!

Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Training Collar For Stubborn Dogs:

Shock collars are an effective way to make your dog obey your commands. However, not all shock collars are the same. You need to buy one that is right for you and your dog. When selecting the best shock collar for your dog, keep the following criteria in mind.

1. Shock Duration

The length of the shock should be one of your top priorities when choosing a dog shock collar. Most shock collars you can buy today have adjustable shock levels. This means that you can adjust the intensity of the shock according to your dog’s demeanor.

If your canine is not friendly towards other dogs or strangers, you can select a high level of shock. But if your dog is friendly, you can select a low-level shock so that it will not hurt your dog when they get startled. 

2. Shock Strength

Another factor to consider is shock strength. The shock your dog gets from a shock collar is the force that makes them stop moving or barking. The shock is normally given when your dog is unaware that you are using the shock collar. The amount of strength is measured in volts.

3. Durability

The last factor to consider is the durability of the shock collar. It would help if you bought a shock collar that is durable and sturdy. If your dog knows you are using the shock collar on them, they will feel nervous and try to get away. This will make the shock collar injured. It would help if you chose a shock collar that is strong enough to prevent it from being damaged.

4. Price

 When you buy a shock collar for your dog, you must always ensure that you buy the right one for the right price. Spending a lot of money on a product that won’t function correctly makes no sense.

5. Range

When choosing a shock collar, you should also decide on the range it will give. It should be enough to punish the dog for minor crimes. But, if you want to punish your dog for major crimes, you should buy a shock collar with a greater range.

Final Thoughts

You’ll need to invest in a shock collar if you have an aggressive dog. As you may know, collars control and redirect an animal. A shock collar sends an electrical charge to the muscles of the neck when they are triggered. This will cause your dog to stop its aggressive behavior. The time it takes to work depends on several factors, including the size of your dog and whether you use the collar during training.

I hope the above listed shock collars will also help you to train your dog. However, the truth is that it takes a lot of patience and practice before the e collar training works as intended, so for best results, it is recommended to use the collar for a couple of weeks with consistency

Have you ever used a shock collar for a dog? What was your experience like? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take For A Shock Collar To Work?

It takes time for a shock collar to work. This can depend on several factors. First, you must consider whether you have a dominant or a submissive dog. Dogs with dominant personalities tend to be more difficult to train than those with submissive personalities.

You will need to understand how your dog acts and react before you can use the shock collar effectively. It may take a few days of training before you can see the full effect of the shock collar.

The effectiveness of a shock collar also depends on the type of training you want to do. A low-voltage collar is used for training animals in obedience. A high-voltage collar is used for punishment.

Are Shock Collars Effective For Aggressive Dogs?

Shock collars are frequently used to educate aggressive dogs, but their efficiency depends greatly on several variables, including the dog’s size, level of aggression, and prior training. The shock collar can effectively control aggressive behavior if the dog has been trained to respond only to the trainer.

On the other hand, if the dog were trained to respond to another source, like a fence or another person, then the shock collar would not work. Thus, you should carefully evaluate your dog’s previous training and behavior before getting a shock collar.

Will A Shock Collar Stop A Dog From Attacking?

A shock collar is a great way to curb a dog’s aggression. They usually come with various levels of shock, ranging from mild to strong, depending on the type of dog and the owner’s preferences.

The best thing about this tool is that it keeps your dog from biting or jumping up, so it can avoid serious injury. But if you plan to use the collar with your dog for extended periods, it should be fine.

Do Vibration Collars Work For Aggressive Dogs?

Yes, vibration collars can be used to manage aggressive dogs. But only an expert can accurately assess the dog and recommend the most effective type of collar to suit his needs. Consider the type of training collar which is suitable for your dog. Also, ensure that you select a shock-free vibration type that won’t cause injury to your pet.

How Do Vets Calm Aggressive Dogs?

Veterinarians commonly use sedatives, tranquilizers, anti-anxiety medications, and even anesthetics. But the most common technique they use is simply a firm voice and a gentle touch. These calming techniques are essential for successfully treating even the most aggressive patients.

Why Do Dogs Suddenly Become Aggressive?

Dogs can suddenly become aggressive due to a variety of reasons, which can range from stress to separation anxiety. If you observe any signs that your dog is becoming aggressive, take it to a vet immediately, as it can lead to serious injuries if left untreated.

What Is The Best Calming Aid For Aggressive Dogs?

Aggressive dogs can calm down by utilizing a variety of techniques. A dog collar with positive reinforcement can be a good option, especially if they are highly sensitive to negative stimuli.

For instance, a treat-reward system can work wonders since it motivates the dog to perform tasks. Some experts recommend that owners put treats under a collar or leash. Some other calming techniques include the use of a special collar or harness, as well as other techniques.

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