5 Reasons Why Are Shock Collars Bad For Dogs?

The dog training collars, popularly known as shock collars, have been used for centuries. The purpose behind its development was to control the unwanted behavior of your dogs.

But these were not multi-functional. Rather, they had just one speed, and the person himself needed to adjust the speed as needed.

As the technology progressed, shock collars also modified and became more advanced and effective. Now, they can be used to give mild and harsh shocks according to your dog’s temperament.

Now, the question that arises in the minds of the pet owners is, Are shock collars bad for dogs? The simple answer can be a “yes” or a “no,” but as a responsible pet guardian, you must interpret the answer by gaining ample knowledge about shock collars.

I will discuss the pros and cons of using a shock collar in this blog. Keep scrolling to make an informed decision about the query.

What Is A Shock Collar?

Shock Collar For Dog

A shock collar is a small training device that delivers an electric shock to your pet when it misbehaves. Most shock collars come with two modes: On and Off. Many different types of shock collars and models are available in the market today.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Shock Collars?

Here is a list of the different kinds of shock collars used commonly.

  • Remote Dog Shock Collar
  • Leash Control Collar
  • Shock Collar with Leash
  • Electronic Dog Shock Collar
  • GPS-Enabled Dog Shock Collar
  • Dog Tracker

How Do Shock Collars Work?

Shock collars use an electronic unit that sends a powerful electrical current into a metal probe attached to the pet’s collar. The collar contains a tiny battery. When the animal misbehaves, the collar sends a charge to the probe.

This causes a jolt of electricity to travel through the pet’s body. When the animal realizes it has received an electrical shock, it will instantly comply with your command.

Some shock collars send an electrical charge to the animal’s nose. Others can be placed on your pet’s leg, arm, or another part of his body.

Are Shock Collars Bad For Dogs?

The E-collar training devices are used for effective training of your dog. Make sure to read the manual of the product carefully.

Only an experienced person should introduce a shock collar to a dog. It can be very dangerous if the device is mishandled. It is possible to injure or even kill your dog.

5 Reasons Why Shock Collars Are Bad For Dogs?

Why Shock Collars Are Bad For Dogs

Shock collars are indeed a reliable tool for dog training but there are some reservations about its use for a dog’s well-being. Positive reinforcement techniques are always far encouraged.

Since a dog is well-being rather than a companion of man, in my opinion,  a man’s psyche will be a more effective training tool than any other machine.

Here are 5 important reasons you should know why shock collars are bad for dogs.

1. Shock Collar Hurts

The basic and most important thing according to me is that the shock collar hurts your dog. Undoubtedly it’s just a jerk but still it’s a machine that can be mishandled anytime for any reason. Many companies claim that their products (shock collars) are not harmful for your dog but they are not more than marketing techniques.

2. Stressful  For Your Dog

Incorporating a physical device around a neck definitely causes stress for your pet. It can create a feeling of fear and anxiety all the time.

Apart from learning, they feel themselves controlled which can cause a state of depression, and ultimately your dog will be more aggressive.

3. Creates a Gap Between You and Your Pet

Dogs are loving creatures, furry pals of man. When you try to control them with a physical punishment, they will feel it. Not only physical punishment but they would get emotionally disturbed also. It would create a rift between you and your furry pal.

4. Risk of Physical Harm

While using a shock collar the risk of physical harm to your dog is like a suspended sword. After all a device is a device!! and can be out of practice anytime. Its malfunction can cause physical harm to your pet.

5. Alternatives are there

Last but not least, a very important reason why shock collars are bad for dogs is that we have many positive reinforcement methods for training dogs. Human training is the best training to control unwanted behavior. Why use a device when there are other healthy alternatives possible?

The Advantages of Using Shock Collars

There are some advantages to using a shock collar too. Some are enlisted down here.

Advantages of Shock Collar

  • They are useful when you need to train your dog to follow you. It is easy to train your dog to perform specific tasks.
  • The device is used for effective training techniques with convenience.
  • The remote control convenience cannot be ignored of course.
  • Low and high setting options are available in the device so as to adjust to the size of your dog. The low setting is perfect for small dogs, and the high setting is ideal for large dogs.
  • You can teach your canine to sit and stay. You can also teach him to lie down, stay there, and perform tricks and tasks like fetching, dropping, rolling over, and shaking hands.
  • You can also use a shock collar to train your dog not to bite you or other people. Most shock collars come with a warning system. If your pet approaches the collar too closely, it will sound an alarm that helps in behavior modification.

Are Shock Collars Good For Training Dogs?

Shock Collars Good For Training Dogs

Shock collars are a credible tool for training dogs. They are recommended by dog behaviorists to control the unwanted behavior of dogs. 

You must learn to install and use a shock collar before incorporating it into your pet. Start with the lower level training and then proceed to higher.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, I would say that the use of shock collars is not a forbidden and absolutely harmful practice. However, the positive reinforcement of human techniques are always encouraged and preferred. Although many professional trainers use shock collars as training tools and they have its positive sides also but avoiding them would save your pet from any possible danger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Shock Collars Safe For Dogs

Yes, shock collars are designed for dogs so definitely safe for them but with proper handling and maintenance.

Does The Shock Collar Hurt?

Well, it’s just a jerk that is to be given with a shock collar. The electric shock may hurt dogs if used for a prolonged time.

Do Vets Recommend Shock Collars?

Yes, veterinarians always recommend using shock collars for dogs. They are effective for the training of your dog. If you still have doubts about using them, consult with a professional trainer.

Can A Shock Collar Kill A Dog?

Yes, it can kill a dog if the electric current is severe. However, this is not common but it can happen occasionally. So always read the instructions before using.

How To Utilize A Shock Collar To Stop Bad Behavior?

A shock collar works by delivering a slight jerk to your pet through eclectic waves to stop it from behaving badly.

What Is A Shock Collar Ideal For Small Dogs?

There is a range of shock collars available in the market. The best shock collar can be chosen according to the behavior, kind, size and temperament of your dog.

Are Shock Collars Bad For Puppies?

Shock collars are electronic devices, if used carelessly they can hurt dogs, particularly in puppies they can create fear and anxiety at higher levels.

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