8 Reasons Why Are Brindle Dogs Unpopular?

Do you have a brindle dog, or are you considering getting one? Then you must have heard about the unpopularity of brindle dogs.

Despite their unique pet qualities, this breed often faces the question, “Why are brindle dogs unpopular”? You have clicked the right page if you are also researching the same.

Discover the myths and explore the hidden facts about this breed with me in this blog!! As a dog enthusiast, I have also wondered why brindle dogs are unpopular.

Keep reading the article to explore the factors contributing to their unpopularity.

What is A Brindle Dog?

What is A Brindle Dog

Before delving into the reasons, you must know what a brindle dog is. Many people think brindle is a breed type, but this is not like that. Brindle is a pattern and not a breed.

This is a pattern in which a base colour has stripes of another colour. A brindle dog has a unique coat pattern, usually with a colour base such as red, brown or black, with stripes or streaks of another colour running through the coat.

This tiger-striped pattern is called brindle appearance, giving this breed an eye-catching look.

Some Known Brindle Dog Breeds

AKC recognizes a few brindle dog breeds, but the known brindle breeds are even fewer. Some of them are enlisted below:

Some Known Brindle Dog Breeds

  • Great Dane
  • Boxer
  • Boston terrier
  • Akita
  • Shiba Inu
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • French Bulldog

What Causes Brindle Colouring In Dogs

The specific genetic pattern affecting their coat causes the brindle colouring in dogs. The interaction of different coat color genes determines it.

The stripes are eumelanin (black, brown pigment), and the base is pheomelanin (red or yellow pigment), so the appearance depends on the interaction of these genes. It is important to note that their interactions can vary among different dog breeds.

Are Brindle Dogs Rare?

Brindle dogs are rare because the brindle genes are uncommon. The frequency of brindle coats varies by breed and population. Some breeds, such as boxers and greyhounds, are well known for their brindle breed, while others may have changed patterns.

Why Are Brindle Dogs Unpopular: 8 Reasons You Need To Know

Reason Why Brindle Dogs Unpopular

Why are brindle dogs unpopular? Here are some factors by which you would get to know the answer to this question.

1. Association With Brindle PitBull

The main reason for the unpopularity of this unique and distinctive coat pattern is that it is generally associated with brindle pit bulls, which is a unique dog breed.

But people with little or no knowledge think the brindle pattern is a type of brindle pit bull. It is important to note that brindle pit bulls were particularly bred for blood sport.

Although banned, dog fighting is still famous among some wild sports lovers. Moreover, the tiger-striped pattern generally evokes danger and anxious feelings to the viewer.

2. Misconceptions About This Breed

A misconception regarding the behavior and temperament of this breed is circulated on the internet. While researching, I did not find any scientific evidence for this proposition.

Many think that brindle dogs are not friendly but aggressive and cannot be family pets, but there is no scientific evidence. This is also a major reason for their unpopularity.

3. Health problems

Why are brindle dogs unpopular? Their health concerns are also one of the reasons. Some brindle dogs are generally prone to skin problems or allergies. Certain types of cancers are also a major risk associated with them.

Some have experienced kidney problems and UTIs. If you are planning to have a brindle dog, do your research. It is advisable to talk to a vet before making any decision.

4. Rare Breed

Another reason why brindle dogs are unpopular is that this pattern requires typical breeding and interaction of the genes, which is why they are rare. Naturally, rare breeds are not frequently found. As a result, they are unpopular.

5. Confusing Identity

When a new dog parent considers dog breeds for adoption, he usually takes up a pure breed. The brindle pattern must be clarified, and it cannot be considered a pure breed. People usually prefer solid-coloured coats as pure breeds.

That is a common approach, which is not exact. You may disagree with this, but this is one of the reasons why brindle dogs are unpopular.

6. Low Aesthetic Appeal 

What would you opt for if you chose a white chihuahua and a brindle Great Dane? Naturally, many would prefer chihuahua. The reason is its size, compactness, and, of course, the physical appeal.

Brindle dogs are aesthetically unpleasant. These breeds do not possess a cute pup appearance despite their colorful stripes. This is also a reason for their unpopularity.

7. Choosy food preferences

Brindle dogs have their food preferences. Every dog has its choice, but brindle ones are choosy sometimes, to an annoying extent. They may be particular about a specific food and do not turn their nose to any other food except that one. This habit also makes them unpopular.

8. Some bad habits

Some habits are considered bad and are found in brindle dogs. These are enlisted down. 

  • Resistant to grooming: They are resistant rather than reluctant to groom. This habit makes them unfit to become a family pet, contributing to their unpopularity.
  • Barks a lot: They are habitual of barking a lot at strangers, making it a bad habit and eventually making them unfit to put in the house as a pet.
  • Difficult to train: Their stubborn and bossy behavior makes them difficult to train. Thus adding to the bad habits of this breed.
  • Strong prey urge: Their strong prey drive urges them to look for other smaller animals.

Dispelling Myths And Misconceptions

Considering the research about brindle dog breeds, we have jotted down different factors contributing to their perceived unpopularity. Among them, some are facts, while some are fiction.

So, it is important to sort out the facts and myths. Facts are to be considered, while myths should be dispelled. For this, consider the following points that will help you and others to clarify things.

  • Exploring historical significance
  • Use of social media
  • Influencers endorsement
  • Promoting brindle dog adoption initiatives

Bottom Line

In conclusion, I would say that the question “Why are brindle dogs unpopular?” has many aspects. There is no proper answer to this question, but there are explanations.

The reason, in my opinion, is the lack of knowledge about this particular breed. Other factors like their confusing identity, health problems, and choosy food behavior are also considered.

So, if you are a new dog parent, conduct thorough research, choose wisely, and then make an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Brindle Dogs More Aggressive?

It is a misconception about brindle dogs due to their association with brindle pit bulls. Aggression does not depend on coat colour. Rather, it depends on genes.

Do Brindle Dogs Require Special Care For Their Coats?

Regular grooming and care would be enough for their coats. They do not require any extraordinary care.

Are Brindle Dogs More Expensive?

They are higher on the pricier side. Their unpopularity can also be considered as a factor for their high price.

Do Brindle Dogs Have Health Issues?

Every breed has its specific health concerns, so brindle dogs have them. Mostly prone to skin allergies and kidney problems.

Are Brindle Dogs Suitable For Families?

Yes. They are family pets, though they do not look fit for children. However, proper training can help you out in this regard.

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